October 4, 2009

Ahoy Matey, and Lightening McQueen

Andy's mom, Val, celebrated her long awaited retirement aboard a riverboat cruise that toured the Potomac from Alexandria to Georgetown. She was joined by her family, dearest friends and colleagues to close an 18 year career with the Prince William County School System. We enjoyed some great weather, a good lunch, a narrated history of the river, and one mighty chocolaty cake.

Andy and I boarded the cruise by the skin of our teeth arriving 6 minutes after the official boarding time, our arms full of baby, baby supplies, and a special cake for Val. Once on ship, we dined and visited while Roscoe nursed and napped. The weather was truly beautiful and it felt so nice lounging out on the deck, taking in the scenery and sunshine.

The lady of honor

Mack and Roscoe


Mama Courtney with Mack and baby-to-be


Once safely on land, we drove home, piled into our bed for a nap, then prepared for our second celebration of the day: Mack's 3rd birthday party!

Mack turned three on Tuesday, and had a party with his friends last weekend. Our nephew is crazy for trucks so it was no surprise that his birthday theme was Lightening McQueen from Disney's "Cars".

Birthday boy

After a pizza dinner, we took Mack on a little treasure hunt to find his present, a Plasma Car, which we hid in the garden shed. After everyone took turns riding it I think it got two thumbs up!

Test drive

Roscoe dealt well with the days events but by 8:15 it was past his bedtime. We headed home full from two celebration meals, and happy to have had the opportunity to get out and do something different while sharing time with our families.

Congratulations to Val, and Happy Birthday Mack!!!

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  1. HAHAA Courtney all cute and pregnant on that bike/car made me LAUGH!! That was really cute lol


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