October 9, 2009

Perfect in every way except one

Nanny A did not show up for work today. I realize there is no need to use her pseudonym, as this girl no longer needs to be protected. However, I have decided not to out her here, as I plan to write a scathing review and post it to her SitterCity account...

FYI: If an adorable, newly married, east coast graduate with a degree in elementary education, and previous infant nannying experience, who just so happens to LOVE babies, and thinks yours is the most handsome she's seen in a very long time, answers your desperate ad...do. not. hire. her. Because she will leave you high and dry on not just your first day back to work, but also your second.

I think Roscoe's nanny was stolen. But I'll never know for sure because apparently "professional" isn't her style.

1 comment:

  1. ooooh.. this is a good one!! BAD LITTLE NANNY!


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