October 5, 2009

Halloween Treats

First this:

I really wanted a special trick or treat bag for Roscoe's first Halloween. After perusing the local craft stores I envisioned a skull and bones and perhaps his name, but I didn't see exactly what I was looking for so I turned to the Internet and one store in particular, which I had bookmarked for just such an occasion: Tadpoles and Tutus. I sent Heidi a special request and she happily obliged. When Roscoe and I opened the mailbox this afternoon, his embroidered treat bag had arrived. I think it's adorable!

And another gem that I plucked from the mailbox:
My Mom sent us this "Blast from the Past". I guess I was 10? I think I was 12.... but either way, that was the year my Grandma suggested I dress up as Mae West. Having never heard of Mae West, I followed Grandma's direction: she was from the West, she wore corsets, she had a big bosom.

Anthony made an adorable werewolf, no?

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