October 1, 2009

Roscoe 101

Nanny A arrived at 11 and stayed until 4. I intended for the afternoon to be one of introductions and observation. A relaxed, informal orientation and a chance for Nanny A to get a better idea of who Roscoe is, and how we spend our days.

When she left at 4, Roscoe and I retreated upstairs to our bed for some quiet time and a snooze. It was one of the most exhausting days we've had in a while.

Roscoe went down for his nap at 8:40 am and woke around 10:00 am. When Nanny A arrived, I handed over Roscoe and we headed to the nursery. I began to show her the different activities that we typically do together but after reading just a couple books Roscoe began to fuss so I nursed him for the first of what would be no less than approximately 24 times. Just an estimate, but that feels about right. He fell asleep after 20 minutes or so, and I put him down for part ii of his morning nap.

Nanny A and I went downstairs to discuss particulars of the position, I gave her a tour of the house, demonstrated how to wash Roscoe's cloth diapers, and 25 minutes after he fell asleep, Roscoe was awake.

I nursed him and passed him off to Nanny A. He fussed. He screamed. He wailed. He turned red. And when I took him back his little head was perspiring. Time for more nursing. In between nursing sessions, Nanny A tried her best to appease Roscoe but he wasn't having it.

To my dismay (and secret pleasure) it appears that Roscoe really does prefer his Momma over anyone else. Roscoe just was not himself today. Yes, he had many moments of contentment, giggling, and smiles, but they were interspersed between true fits of unhappiness. Some of which I am sad to say, could not be made better even with the boob.

I know I've said a hundred times that Roscoe can be quite particular and is often vocal about his preferences. But he's rarely inconsolable. I don't know if it was that I was distracted and not picking up on his cues as I usually do, or if it was too much to expect on his first day that he would be comfortable having a stranger care for him. Maybe he will do better when I am upstairs doing my work, out of sight.

We're so glad to have a hands-on, undeterred, patient, and fun Nanny who thinks Roscoe is a handsome lil' devil. And I'm optimistic that together we'll be able to figure out how best to take care of Roscoe in ways that will allow me to get my work done.

Tuesday the 6th is my first day back to work, and because Andy knows some tricks that I don't (since he doesn't have the option of comfort nursing), he plans to take a half day in order to share his perspective with Nanny A.

And because I'm sure you're all wondering who is Nanny A? I will ask her if she wants a guest spot in an upcoming post. I can't wait to introduce her!

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  1. Wow... sounds stressful! I'm sure "Nanny A" will work out tho! The 6th is coming right up! Are you ready???


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