October 6, 2009

Day 1

My first day back to work began with a very sweet voice message from Nanny A apologizing for being sick and unable to make it.

Andy was still at home, preparing to give Nanny A a course in caring for Roscoe when nursing is not an option, so Plan B swung into full force and he begrudgingly agreed to stay home in order to care for Roscoe so that I could have a successful first working day.

In short, the day was wonderful. I nursed Roscoe when needed, Andy cared for him otherwise, and I accomplished a lot on the work front. I truly savored my moments with Roscoe, but happily passed him off to continue my streak of productivity. After almost 5 months at Roscoe's whim, it was ... liberating!

Hopefully Nanny A will be feeling MUCH better by Thursday. Or else.

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