October 31, 2009

It's that time of year again.

My favorite marshmallow of all time (so far) was vanilla flavored and made by Tiny Trapeze. Unless you've eaten them before, you probably haven't tasted a 'mallow with such intense flavor, or a melt to match that of their gooey perfection afloat your cocoa. When eaten alone, the texture was amazing--dense and chewy with a powdery exterior. I ate them by the bagful.

When Whole Foods bought the artisan confectioner they stopped producing marshmallows, and I was left searching for a replacement.

The Winter months are my favorite for buying treats through the mail: pistachio torrone, peppermint bark, chocolate covered toffee, and glaceed apricots.

With high hopes, I just ordered from Foodzie:

Maple marshmallows
Tahitian Vanilla Marshmallows

Cardamom Marshmallows

A half pound of caramels sprinkled with Fleur de Sel.


  1. I bet you can find a good recipe for marshmallows! I saw one but can't locate it right now. Gma

  2. Marthastewart.com has a marshamallow recipe. TRUST IN MARTHA! Gma

  3. I actually made Martha's marshmallows one year and they turned out wet and sticky....I'm sure I did something wrong. It would certainly be cheaper if I made them myself! It's probably worth a second try.


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