October 26, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

With three parties this past weekend there was hardly time to relax.

The cleaning service came again on Saturday. I should probably let Andy provide the glowing review, since it is he who gets the big break when they come, but I will just say that it feels pretty special when your house sparkles from floor to ceiling.

Later that night we enjoyed our long anticipated neighborhood progressive dinner party. Homemade pepper cheese bread and other dips, crackers and cheeses for snacking at house #1. House #2 provided a Fall themed oasis with gazpacho and a chopped salad. House # 3 (that was us!) served pulled chicken enchiladas with coconut rice. And house #4 offered a buffet of Agar Agar (Filipino fruit salad), cassava cake, chocolate cake, and cappuccino's made by Keith, our personal barista.

Four houses, four courses, and five hours of chatting, eating, and house tours. We haven't been that stuffed in a long time.

Sunday we attended a 6 year birthday party for the daughter of a good friend complete with Georgetown Cupcakes and a pumpkin patch! Then we were off to a party in celebration of the Bradley Babies' first Halloween. Chili, cornbread, and pumpkin cake rounded out the weekend's smorgasbord of treats! Not to mention all the babies who were dressed for the occasion. In total we had a Sammysaurus, a Gunnersaurus, a monkey, a cowboy, a mummy, and a beautiful tu tu princess. As always, it was great to get together, and Roscoe remains the runt of the litter.

Roscoe recently initiated a nap boycott. Sunday he woke at 7:00 am, and took only one 25 minute nap the ENTIRE day, finally falling asleep in a blubbering, teary mess around 8:00pm. It was a long day for all of us.

And for some entertainment, the costume line up:

Click to enlarge this one!
I love how 1) Roscoe was not the screamer this time, and 2) he's looking at Gunner as if he's alarmed at such behavior.


  1. Hahah!! I love the progression of the pictures with all the babies and their costumes!! Everyone looked so funny and adorable!! Where can you see that many babies all dressed up!! Love it!

  2. The looks on the babies faces were so funny- so cute! I was laughing so hard! The close ups were the best! Love this!

  3. Hey Jacqueline! Love the progression of pictures. The last picture is HILARIOUS. Roscoe's look is priceless.


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