October 22, 2009

Day 1

Not only did Nanny M show up today for work, but she arrived 15 minutes early, and took her shoes off before coming upstairs (so considerate!).

I attempted to put Roscoe down for his regular morning nap, but when he showed little interest (no doubt due to Nanny M's and my constant chatter), we decided to leave early, stuffing a load of baby necessities into the car and hopping onto the HOV.

We parked underground, rode the familiar elevator up to the 5th floor, and scurried into my office, clicking the door behind us to buy some time. Roscoe was in a great mood, which meant it was as good a time as any to introduce him to the pack of baby hounds that quickly crowded the halls.

Nanny M and I took turns with Roscoe throughout the day, but while I nursed, Nanny M did my dirty work of rummaging for boxes and a push cart, throwing away the last 3 years worth of papers and binders I'd accumulated, and being extraordinarily helpful in every possible way.

I believe we hit the Nanny jackpot.

By the time 3:30 rolled around, I had sufficiently closed the first chapter of my career. My first job out of college. My very first office. Vacated and relocated to a place so much better: HOME.

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  1. what an awesome first day.....congrats on being at home!!!


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