October 10, 2009

Purl Soho

When Andy and I were in New York last year, 18 weeks pregnant with our little babe, we found an amazing fabric store in Soho called Purl. Bolts and bolts of gorgeous fabric line the walls, and you can't help but fall in love with its tiny size, and charming character.

I have racked my brain ever since for a craft that would allow me to indulge in purlsoho, and with Christmas around the corner I decided a stocking was in order. My mom and I made stockings for me and Andy years ago when we celebrated our first Christmas in our first home. Even then I had four kids in the back of my mind and when I bought the fabric for ours, I purchased enough to sew four more.

But now that I know the person for whom I will sew the stocking, I wanted something that fit Roscoe, so I chose this festive and whimsical mouse print (with cheese) in grey, and a more formal ticking stripe in orange.

Now to find the perfect stocking hanger....

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