October 14, 2009

Roll Up Your Sleeves

We have decided to exclusively cloth diaper.

The 2nd shipment of bum genius are on their way, and this time I also purchased a set of cloth wipes. I have no idea if we will love or hate them, but it does make sense to not have to separate your wipes from your dipes.

With disposable diapering, it is common to fold the used wipes into the diaper and toss the whole thing into the trash. When cloth diapering with disposable wipes, you've got to remember to keep everything separated: toss the wipes in the trash, and the diaper in the hamper--a routine that requires a few extra (often messy) steps.

Cloth wipes seem at first more complicated because they are dry, but a mom has two options: The Wet Method -- soak the wipes in a solution (you can buy, or make your own) and store them in a wipe warmer, or The Dry Method -- use a spray bottle to spritz the baby's bum before wiping.

Because all diaper change by-products will be handled in the same way (hamper, wash, dry, fold), my hope is that incorporating cloth wipes into our diapering routine will actually save time, and add convenience.

Oh, and I will be using the dry method. I've heard great things about kissaluvs diaper lotion potion, but opted for the bum genius brand because it smells like clementines, and not tea tree oil like the kissaluvs brand.


  1. YAAAY so glad that you guys are now exclusively CDing. You're gonna love it. I will be honest, I love doing Bella's CD laundry. It's not like regular laundry, lol.

  2. Hey Natalie!

    Yeah it's funny huh?! Do you do cloth wipes too?

  3. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and thought I would comment on this post since we also CD exclusively WITH cloth wipes. We love CD in general, but I'm glad you are trying cloth wipes. Definitely much easier in the flow of a diaper change.
    I do a wet method of sorts, but don't use a warmer, just a regular disposable wipes tub. I fill it about half with water, add some baby oil and a few drops of my favorite sent of antibacterial essential oil (right now it's lemon). I dip a few folded cloth wipes in the water and then ring them out. I do this to all the wipes, dump the extra water and store them in the tub. It's really easy and a tub of wipes will usually last me the duration of all my diapers, so it works out nicely laundry wise.
    Have fun with it!!

  4. Jacqueline,

    I do use cloth wipes and use the dry method. I keep the solution in a squirt bottle and only use what I need.

  5. @Christina: the tub idea is a great one. I have used the BG spray for the last week, and I think it smells like lysol. Mix it with poop and it's even worse! I like your idea, and I may just give it a try because it sounds easy, and really, I think I like wet wipes, not dry. How do you manage your wipes in the diaper bag?


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