October 12, 2009

Bananas anyone?

Roscoe's interest in food and drink increases with each passing day. As his 5 month birthday approaches I bought him his own set of cups and bowls, and a spoon to match so that he can feel included at mealtime.

The bowls and cups arrived today, and they are really cool. 100% silicone, nicely weighted, and toxin free. Perfect for little hands.

While we won't formally introduce solids for another month or two, I was curious how he would take to a little banana smoothie (i.e., a chunk of banana pureed with an ounce of breast milk). I used the food processor and some frozen breast milk. We coated the spoon in the smoothie and let him have at it. He loved it!

The first photo was taken during his initial taste. Later, his face and hands were slimed with banana, and his onesie was competely soaked through.


  1. Whatta big boy! He just gets cuter by the minute!

  2. Thanks Jessa! It's hard to believe he isn't a "little" baby anymore.

  3. omg!! I MISS HIM!!! I swear he gets cuter everytime I see him!! These picturese made me smile... and I'm NOT having the best day! Thanks J!! LOVE YOU 3!!


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