July 19, 2010

Slowly but surely, transitioning to a toddler bed

We have taken a second step toward moving Roscoe from his swing to somewhere that is not his swing. For a long time, I assumed that "somewhere" would be his crib. After careful consideration we decided to skip the crib altogether and go straight to a mattress on the floor.

On Saturday afternoon we disassembled his crib and reorganized his room.

Roscoe now has an upgraded reading corner, and a mattress on the floor.

We hope that he'll take to this arrangement. Knowing him, he will not. So we have postponed until next weekend step three of our "as we go" plan, which will be to persuade Roscoe to sleep in his new bed.

What did you find helpful in facilitating this transition for your little ones?


  1. With Bella, it was/is all about routine. Bath, jammies, play, books and bed.

    The first night, she got up a few times but it was relatively easy.

  2. Hey Nat!

    How old was Bella when you moved her to a bed?

    Roscoe's bedtime routine is set in stone, but he likes the cradled/seated position! I think for a while he's going to have to be COMPLETELY asleep before we put him down...or else packed with blankies under his feet and arms. :)

  3. Jaqueline,

    Did you use the crib mattress or a twin bed? Griff and I are doing the same thing with Lillian and I need to lay with her part of the night. I was going to go buy a twin but maybe I could just use the crib mattress...hmmmm

  4. Heidi: We used the crib mattress, I'm not sure that it's designed for me to lay on top of it (!), but for a few nursing sessions, I think it's ok. Andy lays on it partially for reading stories at bedtime too.

  5. Jacqueline - Bella was 18 months (I think) when we moved her. I needed the crib for Miguel and wanted her completely transitioned before he was born.


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