July 22, 2010

Day Zero update, 25 down!

Since January, I've been slowly ticking off items on my 101 list.

Did you create a 101 list? Link up if you want to share!!


  1. Doesn't the beer float (Vanilla ice cream atop a frosty lambic) count as your new alcoholic beverage?

  2. Have never commented before, but stumbled upon your blog awhile ago & really like to read what you all are up to. After seeing your list and others, we decided to do one too. So, thought I would share!

  3. Ernie: Thanks for trying to help whittle away at that list!! The beer float is tasty, but doesn't quite measure up to my nuts and berries!

  4. Sara: You have a great list, and the sweetest looking kids! I wish I had thought of linking up each of my items to a blog post--Yours was so fun to go through!


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