July 2, 2010

Sick in the summertime

In the middle of last night we woke to a harsh barking cry. It was so distinctly "croup" that I whisked Roscoe off to this morning's first available pediatric appointment. The pediatrician confirmed my diagnosis and administered a dose of oral steroids to prevent further inflammation.

Have you ever heard croup? You can listen here, it's pretty pathetic. I babied Roscoe all day long which made me feel fortunate that I can be home with him to provide everything that he needs when he's not feeling well, while also completely drained and downright exhausted. If Roscoe doesn't nap, neither does Momma. I've grown to rely on those breaks in the day as much as he does.

I'm headed to bed to recharge. Give your babies a hug tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Baby Roscoe! I hope he feels better! Sending you all lots of hugs! :)

    -Nanny M


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