July 6, 2010

Well, folks

It looks like we failed to make a sibling for Roscoe.

I know! We can hardly believe it. Is it possible to have that much sex around ovulation and NOT get pregnant? Apparently.

I won't divulge how many pregnancy tests I peed on. It's way too embarrassing. I guess since we got pregnant with Roscoe in the first month, I assumed that it would happen again in just the same way. Phantom symptoms be damned, I was so sure I was pregnant. Not until the hundredth negative on July 5th did I finally accept that it wasn't likely.

So, we are officially on cycle #2! Last time, we had nothing better to do but to sit around and think about getting pregnant and I remember vividly how crazed we were during the two week wait, and how tortured we felt at the idea of having to attempt another go at it the following month. It was lucky then, for our impatient pre-baby selves, that our plan was flawlessly executed.

This time around, our lives are so completely different and we are so not in control of much of anything anymore (a fact that we've proudly accepted!). So, while a March baby was my "ideal", this month I plan to take full advantage of my ability to cross things off my "not for pregnant women or new mothers" list just because I can. Rock climbing, anyone?

Our life is so full and demanding right now that I welcome time that allows for Roscoe to be one month closer to two when the new baby arrives, for me to continue to work on cutting out the night nursing and to build up my courage to begin to transition Roscoe to his crib. It's one more month for hot summer night runs and heart rate monitors that register in the 170s (!) and one more month to continue to whittle away at these last stubborn pounds. Plus, I realized over the fourth of July that I haven't been drunk in over two years. Obviously, I didn't miss it but come to think of it, maybe I'd like to have a few drinks!

In the end, I do believe that making babies is fun and can be pretty darn romantic so this time around I don't mind stretching out this first step just a little bit longer.

I know I'm not the only one trying to conceive--did any of you have any luck this month? I want to hear about it!


  1. Hey! I've been enjoying your blog for a while, but I thought I'd come out of lurking to say that I'm in the EXACT same boat. And I really mean exact - got pg on the first try with my 13-month-old daughter Bella and then finally accepted that I did not get pregnant this month - first month trying for a sibling - on July 5th. It was kind of hard to accept. I'm not even sure what's going on with my cycle since I'm still breastfeeding and my temps & periods are wacky. Sigh. I get so impatient! Hopefully this month we'll both get lucky!

  2. Noooo!! Oh well, it wasn't meant to be just yet. We should get together and have those drinks though!!

  3. I have read that sometimes when you put pressure on yourself its harder to get preggo. So go have some of those drinks you have been missing and then follow it up with some fun ;). I love the blog by the way!

  4. So, you won't divulge how many pregnancy tests you peed on, but you'll divulge that you've been having tons of sex and you've been ovulating?! LOL!! Just teasing, of course. (But now I know what you were doing that kept you from responding to my message on Facebook! HA HA HA!!) Sorry to hear that it didn't work out according to YOUR plan, but I know it'll work out for a HIGHER plan, and it'll all be PERFECT ultimately! If you have time to play with anyone outside the house (!), give me a call! :) Big hugs. -A.


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