July 1, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

This morning Roscoe kicked off our fourth of July weekend by opening a bottle of blue nail polish and dumping its contents onto himself and our white carpet. We were only missing something red to be truly festive.

I knew something was up when the loft fell silent for a few short seconds. A break just long enough from the babbles and baby stomps to alert me to turn my attention back to a little monster covered in blue, including stroke marks around his mouth where he clearly tested the edibility of my new summer color.

After I verified that none had actually been ingested, and that the blue was only superficial, my Momma Bear instincts fell to the wayside and I turned my attention to the carpet. After several vigorous cleaning attempts (not by me, of course!!), I can report that it will never be the same.

If anyone has any tips for cleaning nail polish from carpet, I am all ears. And FYI, if you let nail polish dry on skin it will flake off on its own--no need for harsh removers.


  1. yikes! We had a ball point pen spill its entire ink contents on our carpet. After failing with all types of cleaners, I tried rubbing alcohol and it totally worked. Not sure if it would work on nail polish, but might be worth a shot. Good luck!

  2. Oh! Rubbing alcohol...we'll definitely try it!!


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