July 19, 2010

It's that time

Again, and already!

I guess we've been so busy with our existing child, and life in general, that the last month whizzed by without too much angst over lost time, and now here we are! The two week wait is my least favorite part in the baby-making process because there's nothing to DO!!

And this time I'm going to treat pregnancy tests like junk-food and not even tempt myself by bringing them into the house until the end of the waiting period. Last month I wasted a lot of money peeing on sticks, and I learned my lesson!

How do you keep your mind off the inevitable?


  1. WOW THAT WAS FAST!! I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU SISTA!!

  2. Keeping them out of the house is a good idea! Who ever thought it would be so tempting to POAS?


  3. Good Luck, I always only bought x amount of test a month so I knew I had to leave at least one until after I was actually due on. This helped a little, kind of like the junk food I only buy what I am willing to eat so there is no temptation. Good Luck!


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