June 17, 2010

Standing on our own two feet

Roscoe took his first steps today!

I had just come down from the loft after an intense day of work, and I was looking forward to dinner prep and our daily walk to the mailbox. Roscoe was standing so confidently that I thought I might convince him to walk on over if I offered up a snuggle. He took two unassisted steps and fell into my arms. I'm not sure who of the two of us was more proud.

Has enough time passed already that my baby has become a toddler?

Roscoe leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes. He gets into absolutely everything he comes in contact with: toilets, drawers, cupboards, book shelves, blinds, stairs--he'll crawl halfway up a flight if you turn your back for one moment. We can barely keep up with him as it is!

Almost overnight his features are more boyish than baby. He certainly plays and sounds like a little boy now. It's wild to think of Roscoe as a full-fledged, and upright, member of society.

It's great how everything falls into place, eventually. I've often wondered over the past year about when life would return to "normal". It took a lot longer than I thought it might, but it feels like we've finally arrived.

After speculating about when to get pregnant again our timing suddenly seems just right. It's like Roscoe's first steps mark the end of his babyhood, just in time for me to begin working on another.

I like how our life feels right now. How are days are structured. The joy that we find around every corner. The house is a complete wreck, and we certainly cannot keep up with all the demands and commitments that tug relentlessly, but we're happy in this place.


  1. Yeah Roscoe!!!!

  2. I am happy that you have found your "happy" place & way to go Roscoe!

  3. I can't believe that you didn't call and tell me! I can't believe he walked without me there!! AWWWW I LOVE IT!!


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