June 21, 2010

OPK briefing

There's nothing quite like trying to create human life to initiate irrational fear about the functionality and competence of a body that seems to work just fine every other month!

Am I the only one who transforms into a Nervous Nelly once I begin with hopeful excitement to rely on (and wait, wait, WAIT for) my body to do the thing it is supposed to do so that I can make the baby that I want?

Before Roscoe, I swore that I would not become an anxiety ridden pregnant lady compelled to finish off an otherwise perfectly benign pregnancy statement with dark and gloomy thoughts or feelings--and, actually, I didn't really believe that such things had a place in pregnancy. Killjoy.

I began to eat my own words (in a big way) within the first 24 hours after I found out I was pregnant. Looking back, I think I spent the entire nine months that followed trying to talk myself down from a dizzying number of high places, which was neither pleasant nor a good use of my energy. I'm sure there will be more posts on this subject if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again because I hope not to repeat this experience.

So here are I am, five days into OPK testing and NO smiley faces so far. Boo!!! double boo.

At this point, (based on totally unscientific, but educated calculations), my best guess is that my cycle will be 27 days this month which would mean that I should get a happy face either tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. Being at the other end of where you are now just weeks from giving birth I had to giggle aobut the fact that when all is said and done you spend probably at least a year if not more depending on how long it takes to get pregnant POAS or PIAC. Even after you get pregant and don't need OPKs and Pregnancy tests you have the joy of atleast monthly doctors visits. Good Luck!


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