June 27, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 24

Either I ate too much this week, or I'm pregnant and bloated!

Whatever the reason I didn't feel like weighing-in this morning, but then decided to at the last minute (before I ate breakfast). No losses, no gains. Ok by me!

I'm currently finishing up the last of my personal training sessions. We had initially planned to train two to three times per week. In the end, most weeks we got together twice and some weeks only once. Still, I've made huge gains in strength and muscle tone over the past few months. I'm more confidant and better prepared to carry another baby which was my ultimate goal in joining McFatty Monday. Amy has been a great investment.

We took some baseline fitness measurements when we started, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much I've improved when we re-measure at the end of the week. I will definitely share the results.

While I love the simplicity of showing up to the gym and just following orders, I cannot afford to hire a personal trainer year 'round. I wish I could. This time next week I'll be back to making up my own routines. In some ways I'm excited to be completely in control of my workouts again--I miss kickboxing four days a week. But I'm also feeling challenged to make a routine that maintains and hopefully builds on the structure of the workouts that I've been doing with Amy.

Strength training has always been integral to my workouts. After Roscoe was born, I focused most of my energy on cardio, which resulted in weight loss but also muscle loss, and for a while there I felt like a squishy marshmallow. I learned my lesson and will strive for a more balanced effort next time.

With babies in mind, I've also been giving some thought to how I might best adapt McFatty Monday's to be more baby-friendly.

What do you think would be fun to read? A pregnancy quiz update with belly photos? Posts about my pregnancy diet and exercise routines? General musings about body image, pregnancy fashion (having some is a major goal for me next time), and other things related?

All of the above?


  1. Hi! I for one, would love to hear about pregnancy diet (this was something I struggled with immensely!). But you should do the weekly "quiz" form thing too, I wish I had done those with Gavin.
    Thanks for your comment too, sometimes I feel so far way (I still have 20 more lbs to go :(). I really need to get back in the gym, the home workouts just aren't the same. It's just so hard to find time with a little one and working full time.
    Wow, this comment is turning out long... sorry

  2. I'd LOVE to hear about pregnancy diet & exercise since that's what I'll be on the lookout for next time I'm pregnant!!!


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