June 2, 2010

CSA #2

Inside this week's bag I found:

red scallions, snow peas, arugula, siberian kale,
lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, and garlic scapes

Last week's recipes:

Tatsoi: Brown butter pasta with tatsoi.
Scallion: Whole wheat couscous with scallion and parmesan
Snow Peas: Snow peas with garlic butter
Bok Choy: Crunchy bok choy salad
Chinese cabbage: Stir fried chicken with chinese cabbage
Lettuces: lots and lots of yummy salads!
Cilantro: added to the chinese cabbage stir fry

We felt so healthy (and creative!) working all those veggies into our meals. This produce is so fresh and flavorful--way, way, better than anything I buy at the grocery store. Everything was delicious--I ate lettuce straight from the bag, it was so crisp and tender. Even Roscoe was smitten, chomping on raw snow peas, sucking dressing off lettuce leaves, and eating couscous by the fistful. It was a great week, and we're looking forward to all the recipes I've picked out for this bunch!

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