June 3, 2010

First casualty

Roscoe loves his Little Chubbies. Santa gave them to him as a gift on his first Christmas. Almost six months later he's perfectly content pushing even a block or stick around as he produces a convincing "brrrr", but a chubby is so cute, and small, and hooks together with its other little chubby friends.

Maybe it's possible that I love them even more than Roscoe does. Perhaps. Either way, it was a loss when I ran over a little blue chubby truck as we left for the store the other afternoon. Poor chubby.


  1. I did that to a wooden Noah's ark once. Thankfully, the animals and Noah had already disembarked :)

  2. Hi there, found your blog while browsing... :) Our little fellow's close to Roscoe's age... and awww... poor truck!


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