March 9, 2010

Fun in the sun

The past week was busier than usual. I worked three consecutive days (instead of two) which was exhausting for some reason, and I had to find time to focus on a writing project that I'm also working on. We were housebound much of the week, and despite warmer weather over the weekend we didn't get outside to enjoy it.

Yesterday was a free-day for us, and the temps were in the 60's so I was determined to hang out with Roscoe in the sunshine.

We took a long walk to the park and he had his first ride on the baby swings! Later, I took him for a spin (to the mailbox) in his radio flyer wagon. He wore his new bull dog cap and held on for dear life, but seemed to enjoy the bumpy ride. He's suddenly become very sensitive to loud noises--he hates my kitchenaid stand mixer, the food processor, vacuums, sirens and, as I learned on our mail-run, he really does NOT like garbage trucks!

He tried raspberries for the first time and gobbled up a whole pint--we're competing for fruit these days because Roscoe eats as much as I do. Last week he ate all my blueberries. I'm enjoying his big appetite and his adventurous attitude toward food.

Another exciting first: he mimicked the words "kitty cat", "da da", and "momma".



  1. I love that you're competing for fruit - that's hilarious! I've never thought about it that way - but it's true in our house too!

  2. So.. are you trying to tell me that HE IS TALKING? UH... I Just tried to call you!! <3<3<3


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