March 11, 2010

Three cheers for maternity workout gear!

As I've mentioned (a lot!), I exercised right up to the night before Roscoe's birthday. I loved that I was able to keep that part of myself in the face of inevitable weight gain and body morphing.

With that being said, I won't deny that dressing my body for the job was one of my very least favorite and most frustrating tasks--in fact, I recall several public displays of outrage when it became clear that the needs of an entire market (pregnant exercisers!) were going completely unmet--and that even the biggest brands couldn't be relied on to fill the niche.

Maternity workout clothes were impossible to find in store, and the options available online were either lacking style, or designed more for lounging than sweating: read 100% cotton. I did order a few clearance sets of pants and jackets from Born Fit, but quickly realized that not only had I bought the wrong size--a risk inherent to buying clothes online, especially when size changes weekly--but the cut was not intended for short people, like me. Needless to say, the tags never even came off. For the most part, I made due by rolling down the waist band of my pre-preg workout pants, and squeezing myself into my pre-preg hoodies. It worked, but it wasn't ideal.

Feeling good about our pregnant bodies is so important, and I was pretty excited when I came across this functional, flattering, and comfy looking workout line by Fit2BMom. I would live in hoodies and capris if I had my way, and Fit2BMom offers several styles of each.

This blazer-style wrap has also piqued my interest:

Topping my current Maternity wish list: a petite line of workout clothes. Seen one anywhere!?

How did you stay sane dressing for your workouts during pregnancy? Did you have a favorite go-to brand?


  1. I had the same problem and just wore my pre-pregnancy yoga pants that were already low-rise.
    I did buy some maternity shorts from and wore those until it got too cold.

  2. I don't have any real-world advice on this, but one of my favorite clothing lines is Lululemon Athletica. I follow their blog, and I read this one a while back. I highly recommend their gear!

  3. Great article--That's another perspective I hadn't considered, but browsing their hoodie selection has me practically sold! I'm definitely going to go to g-town and see the selection in person.

  4. Natalie: thanks for the reminder about Old Navy's mat line!


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