March 15, 2010

Mc Fatty Monday Week X: D+

I'm a gym hopper. At one point or another, I have been a member at every fitness gym in the area. Within a year or two (or less!), I'd find myself bored, uninspired, and frustrated by bad service, funky equipment, hum drum group exercise classes, or at wits end with fighting for that last treadmill or weight bench. To get back in my groove, I'd cancel my membership, do a little research and move on to the next bigger or better equipped facility.

When I was 8 months pregnant with Roscoe we left the gym we had belonged to for a year, and joined one closer to home. For two months everything was great, but after Roscoe was born I found his routine really difficult to work around and I started lifting weights in the garage, running in the neighborhood, and doing p90x. A few months later I joined LA boxing.

I'm comfortable with my current workout schedule but I think I'm ready to add in a fifth day of something: running, another class, personal training? I can't decide. La Boxing claims to be a full-facility gym, but it's not. The classes offer some of the best cardio workouts I've ever had, the instructors are serious and do a great job keeping everyone motivated by demanding something different from us every day. But the selection of strength training and cardio machines definitely leaves a lot to be desired: there are only two weight benches and one line of weights. for everyone to share. If any one of the 40+ boxers try to lift at the same time that I do, a competition for resources ensues, and I do. not. like. it.

And I never did forgot about the 80 dollars a month that we had been paying for our regular gym membership despite our complete absence. I'm a girl who loves options so it dawned on me over the weekend that I might be able to supplement my current schedule, which typically includes week-days only, with weekend-evening weight lifting and/or cardio sessions at the old gym. Plus, if I'm ever up for twice-a-day training, I can take Roscoe with me on weekday mornings or afternoons.

I decided to do a test run on Saturday night, and boy did it feel good to have a whole floor of free weights, benches, and weight machines at my disposal!

All that to say that my workouts are going well, and hopefully distract you from all the ways in which I failed again to get control over my food this week. :)

This Week's Score: D+
Cardio: A
Strength Training: B
Weight Watchers: F


  1. You are so awesome with working out. I would give my left arm to be like you, but I think I need it for weight lifting. You know, if I ever get to it.

  2. Oy! If only we could somehow combine your strengths with mine!


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