March 25, 2010

I am enough

The deeper I dig into the blogosphere, the more inspired and downright captivated I am with the range of content that I find. Women everywhere are using words to entertain, affect, fuel, unite, and encourage readers around the globe.

Consuming those words, sentences, paragraphs, and images, which have been crafted and thrown out into the universe by other women like me, has become a bright spot in my day--empowering me to feel bolder, smarter, more purposeful, and ever connected.

A more recent find is a blog feature by Tracey Clark called I AM ENOUGH.

Besides the fact that this woman created the pregnancy journal that I filled to the brim with my first 9 months with Roscoe, she also was brave enough to articulate the phrase I AM ENOUGH. And so her feature begins with this:

"I have been a self-improvement junkie for most of my life; vigilant about getting to the bottom of my “issues”, digging deep to better understand myself, reading every book written to inspire personal growth, incessantly working on becoming a better person, etc, etc. Although I had let go of trying to be “perfect” I was still striving to be better. Always better. Never quite enough."

Her message strikes a chord deep within me, and I can just imagine the freedom that would be mine if I could not only feel those words as she has, but actually begin to live them. As a mom, as a woman, as a wife, as a human being...I'm not there yet, but I'm tuning in on Tuesdays to learn more.

Just thought I'd share, because it seems that I'm not the only one who felt something when I read about the self kindness collaboration.

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