March 16, 2010

Feed me!

I haven't been to a La Leche League meeting since I returned to work in October. It was my goal to attend one meeting this Spring, but the timing of Roscoe's second nap made it impossible this afternoon. Looks like I'll have to try again next month.

For all the breastfeeding challenges that I encountered in the early months of new motherhood, LLL was my respite. Me and my marathon-nurser were just one pair in a varied group of moms with babies in all stages of nursing. No matter the topic of discussion, it was relevant to my experience; and in the company of women who had been through it and lived to tell about it, I was both encouraged and empowered to continue down the nursing path.

As Roscoe gets older, our nursing dynamic continues to change. He's practically phased out night nursing, and continues to nurse five times throughout the day. He sometimes still nurses for comfort, and I'm ok with that. He has two teeth and I think his recent interest in biting (youch!) is an extension of his exploration of cause and effect. If he wasn't so genuine in his innocence I might not find it so endearing.

It's been my hope to nurse him at least through his first year. And EEK! that's just two months away! Roscoe's pediatrician informed me at Roscoe's last visit, that milk after 9 months is actually secondary to solids, which brought a little frown to my face. But it also brought me some relief to know that nutritionally, Roscoe is becoming more independent.

Grub? CHECK! Sun hat? CHECK! SPF 75? CHECK!


  1. Lol he looks like a Quincy hippie!

  2. That video you sent me where he said Dada almost made me tear up!!! Aww he is too cute!


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