March 24, 2010

I love dirt!

Living in the suburbs I often yearn for natural landscapes and open spaces. Remember overturning rocks to find all the creepy crawlies that dwell underneath? Or investigating the odd little creatures and organisms that make their home in shallow pools of creek water? I grew up in a few teeny tiny towns in various states on the west coast, and I haven't forgotten how it feels to discover worms in the soil, or a birds nest perched in a tree.

I have always loved the outdoors, and despite where we live, I hope that Roscoe grows to appreciate the unrestricted, organic experiences waiting for him outside the confines of our home.

It has been a hope of mine to find some outdoor spaces in the vicinity of where we live in order to help foster Roscoe's interest in the world around him. After looking around a bit online, I found a park called Hidden Pond Nature Center and it happens to be at the halfway point between my house and that of a girlfriend's, so we decided to meet up!

The weather was gorgeous and we had just enough time between naps to play on the playground, stroll around the pond, and check out the offerings at the nature center. We got to see tadpoles, newts, and lots of other amphibians. Roscoe was really into the fish tanks.

I got to meet her youngest son for the first time, and was reacquainted with her oldest who is 2 1/2 and has changed so much since last I saw him. Justin is only 6 months old and crawling already, which made Roscoe very, very(!) jealous.

Hey! No pinching!

Aha! I gotcha! (by the back of the pants)

Dont' leave me! (or I'll bite you on your back)

Nooo! Please stay.

Ha! Eat my dust!

We'll definitely be back again soon! And if you haven't yet seen this book, you might want to take a look:


  1. Hi, I follow your blog (I found you when McFatty Mondays started (you're doing great btw!)). Never dropped a message though. These pictures are adorable!


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