January 9, 2010

Singing a Happy Tune

Tuesday through Friday I was a single Momma while Andy was a hard working Poppa on business in Maryland.

I reconfigured my work week to include Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so that I could rely on Nanny M for some extra hands during the day. Wednesday and Thursday were seamless besides Roscoe's recent tendency to wake for the day at 4 am. Thursday night we were hit with yet another snowstorm, so when Nanny M phoned Friday morning from the bank of snow in which she was stranded, I decided to cut my losses and embrace the snow day. I still managed to log a full days work during Roscoe's naps and after he went to sleep for the night (at 2:30 pm!--I'll save this unfortunate part of his sleep routine for another post).

Being The Momma while Andy was away was pretty relaxing for the most part. Roscoe slept well--impressing me with consistent sleep intervals of 4-6 hours, so I enjoyed the luxury of having big chunks of time on which very few demands were placed. The evenings were mine! I worked out in the garage, got hooked on trashy MTV's Real World DC, finished reading one of several books that I've been chronically "in the middle of", baked some of my favorite chocolate cookies, and overall found great satisfaction in holding down the fort in Andy's absence. I even did some cleaning, which is pretty much unheard of these days. Or ever, if you know me in real life.

In other Roscoe news, two white-caps were brought to my attention 4 days ago during a nursing session--sure enough bottom teeth 1 and 2 are working their way out. He has also transitioned from the Bumbo to his highchair, drinks on his own from his sippy cup, and uses his hands to pick up food and feed himself. See what you miss in just a few days?

Andy returned home last night and we're all looking forward to a weekend together.


  1. Whaaat!!?!?? His teeth are coming in? Wow these milestones come so fast!

  2. So glad to hear that you are making progress with the sleep! Amazing how many other apsects of happiness rely on having Mom and baby well rested! Hope we can catch up soon!

  3. Wow...teeth, high chair & holding his own sippy cup; he has been a busy little boy this past week!! Hope you had a fun filled family weekend!!


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