January 22, 2010

RIP The Swing

Remember this?

Here I sit on the floor of Roscoe's room, in the dark of the blackout shade, MANUALLY pushing his swing. I'm going on a half hour now. I admit that we have not made it a priority to transition Roscoe out of The Swing, primarily because the thought of making sleep worse (even in the short term) is an awful one.

Now we will pay!

Roscoe weighs around 18 pounds and while the swing's weight limit is 25lbs, I believe the motor has made its last revolution. All good things must come to an end.

Mid afternoon nap I noticed the swing had slowed to a halt, despite the fact that we just replaced the batteries this morning. After a quick panic and phone call to Andy it is obvious we have only one option. The swing must be replaced!

After 45 minutes of swing pushing, Roscoe woke up and we hightailed it to babies r us where we perused a sorry selection of swings, called in a request for Andy to do a little review search online, and left with a weird patterned Graco Lovin' Hug PLUG-IN(!!!!!!) swing.

Andy came home early to assemble the the swing--reviews warned it was a bear! And Roscoe eased into his nap without a fuss.

I wish we would have made the switch a couple months back. The two key features that have me dancing with joy: it accommodates babies up to 30 pounds and it plugs in! Freedom from D cell batteries and their exorbitant weekly costs. And we will not miss the abrupt wakes in the middle of the night (or nap) because the batteries died without notice. No more ear-to-the-monitor anxiety just waiting for the telltale click, pause. click, pause. click, pause. of a dead swing. Finally, the white noise "button" that we've come to rely on (heavily) plays for 30 minutes instead of seven, which can't be beat.

It's also become apparent in the past week or two that the swing itself may be a contributing factor to poor sleep--it's a little small and probably a tad uncomfortable, it conks out on him during his best dreams, etc.

The new swings' capacity doesn't change the fact that we need to wean Roscoe from the swing, but it does buy us more time. Need proof that this swing is awesome? Roscoe's been sleeping soundly for over 5.5 hours! I'm a happy momma when my baby is rested.

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  1. I'm sooo glad you guys got a swing that plugs in!! Batteries SUCK!! Now my little nephew can sleep, sleep, sleep, and grow, grow, grow!! <3 HIM!


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