January 16, 2010

Roscoe Kong


  1. can i ask where you got this? or what this toy is called? thanks!

  2. Hi J&M!

    It's called the Click Clack Ball Track, and it's made by HABA. It's so much fun! Roscoe received it as a Christmas gift and he really loves it. First he just watched the balls, then he figured out how to stop them mid-run to pick them up, and he's thisclose to dropping balls on the track on his own. I'm sure he'll enjoy this toy for years. I bet Eliza would love it too!

  3. awesome! i was wondering if it was a haba toy. i couldn't find it. surprisingly donkey kong didn't generate any clues for me! ha!

    love your blog! added it to my reader. looking forward to seeing many adventures with roscoe!

  4. That's funny--I debated on if the "king kong" reference would be understood. I guess not, lol!


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