January 15, 2010

This little piggy...

Roscoe had an official weigh-in today: 17lbs. 11oz.

Our "little" guy gained almost 4 pounds since his last appointment on December 9th, and now he rocks the 20th percentile! He's still in the 3rd percentile for height so he technically qualifies for overweight. No worries though, the Pediatrician believes Roscoe will slim down again once he starts to move (i.e., crawl), and as long as we continue to let him be the boss of how much food he eats.

Operation "solids & sleep" has paid off in more than one way, and the doctor even used the coveted term thriving to describe Roscoe's current state. The affirmation that all is going well in the world of Roscoe pretty much made my day.

On an unhappier note Roscoe received five shots, two of which were the second doses of H1N1 and Influenza. Roscoe seemed to recover more quickly from the shock of this round of vaccines. Aided by a quickie nursing session he was smiling and laughing within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the appointment and wait time took almost three hours so Andy and I didn't have time afterward to treat ourselves to gelato like we had hoped to. Instead, Andy went back to work and Roscoe and I made our way home for a nap.

Here's a photo from earlier today:

Cool Guy

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  1. Aww cute pic. Glad to hear that he had a great appointment. I looked at Bella's stats and at 9 months old, she weighed 18lbs! So I'd say Roscoe is doing GREAT!


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