January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday Week II: B

I'm sporting a pair of bruised knuckles, raw from making contact with the bag that hangs in the far left corner of the boxing gym--my new home away from home. I'm back in a routine but craving my former 6 day a week gyming and cleaner eating. As you might expect, Roscoe has the final word and, on particularly challenging days that leave me worn out from working and mothering, to default is the easiest option.

Consequently, I pushed my workouts to the end of the week and had to perform three consecutive days of boxing followed by weights, which made me feel awesome Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but like a slug Friday through Monday.* I really prefer to spread my workouts throughout the week because I find it's easier to stay focused on my food related goals.

Speaking of food, I consumed all the points I earned through exercise and ended the week in the red. AGAIN. Argh. With Andy as my accomplice, I admit to snacking late one night on two bags of chocolate chips...one bag semisweet the other white, eaten in a ratio 1:2. Yum, but totally not worth it.

This week's pressing issue:
I'm having MAJOR baby fever. This is hard to believe, even for me, considering the challenges that we seem to face on a daily basis. But it's there. And the more I work out the more I feel like myself. And the more I feel like me, the more I want to get pregnant again. My friends' baby bellies and newborns are all around me and knowing that I will soon be taking on the physical challenges of carrying another bambino serves as a great motivator.

At the same time, I understand the work required to reclaim physical fitness and it does feel like early defeat to know that in less than 6 months I will be back on the baby train pursuing a state that guarantees weight gain and a whacked out postpartum body. Then I do the math, and multiply this experience by three. How do women do this!?

Goals for the upcoming week: refrain from eating earned exercise points, complete one additional cardio sesision.

This week's score: B
Cardio: A
Strength Training: A-
Weight Watchers: C

The Heir to Blair lost another 3 pounds this week....that Blair. I'm so looking forward to week four so I can weigh myself--hope I don't cheat and peek earlier!

*Your McFatty Monday is my McFatty Friday. My weeks go from Friday to Friday.

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