January 25, 2010

McFatty Monday Week III: B

I did it again. I ate all the points I earned through exercise. But I boxed three days this week, lifted weights three times, and went for a 3 mile run too.

This past week I was really hungry for signs of progress, and since I can't rely on my scale (just yet!) for positive reinforcement, I've been taking inventory of how my clothes fit, and perhaps even more satisfying, how my strength and stamina have improved in ways that allow me to physically push myself harder and further than was remotely possible just a month ago. The change is noticeable, which feels great!

After months of steady exercise at mediocre intensity and persisting through activities that I did not love because I really wanted to do SOMETHING (anything!) to stay active, I'm really proud of myself for making time, planning ahead, and creating the environment I need in order to work out in the ways that are so important to me. The bottom line is that I want to feel challenged and inspired by my workouts--is that too much to ask?!

There are only seven days left before I officially weigh-in on the first four weeks of McFatty Monday. Despite noted progress that feels like stand alone success, I'm really, REALLY hoping to have lost some pounds! And if there's one emotion that I really hate, it is disappointment. So this week, I'm cutting all sweets out of my diet. Yes, I am! And I'm going to work out four times this week. And last, but almost most importantly, I am not going to eat those points that I earn through exercise! Nope. I will not.

Cheers to a great week of eating and exercising!

This week's score: B
Cardio: A
Strength Training: B-
Weight Watchers: B+


  1. You are a serious inspiration for working out & it's so true about making time. It's NOT too much to ask!

    I've seriously made a list that says "Make time, plan ahead, create the environment, & feel challenged." You've officially coined my new exercise catch-phrase!

  2. Wow, this was all so short and sweet, but for some reason gave me this CRAZY motivation!! Thank you!!


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