January 10, 2010

Fluffy bottoms

My mom sewed a new pair of pants for Roscoe! So warm and cozy, they are made from scraps leftover from his baby quilt.

Powder blue chenille exterior, flannel monkey interior and a cuff to allow for growth. They are perfect for the winter. Would a pair of pants sewn by Grandma, just for you, be complete without a personalized tag? I don't think so!

This photo shows 1) Roscoe modeling his new fluffy pants, 2) the three pounds he's gained in the past 4 weeks:

Grow Baby, Grow!


  1. He IS chunky!! Yay!! That means he's gonna shoot up!! MAYBE?? Lol

  2. He's really growing!! *yay Roscoe!* :)

  3. OMG!!! Those pants are SOOO CUTE! Roscoe's looking gangsta' in that photo, tho...I wouldn't mess with him about his weight. ;-) LOL! (But you're adorable, RS!)

  4. OH THE CUTENESS...It's overwhelming! When I see pictures like this, the decision to have kids seems like a no-brainer!


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