May 17, 2009


1: months it took to get pregnant
10: days post ovulation we got a positive pregnancy test
40: estimated number of bagels with cream cheese and tomato that Jacqueline ate in the first trimester
7: week of very first ultrasound
12: week we first heard the heartbeat on doppler
15: week I felt the baby move for the first time
17: week we found out Baby Sears was a BOY!
20: week Andy felt the baby kick for the first time
21: number of weeks I waited to share my baby news at work
31: week I first felt his hiccups
1: number of maternity pants purchased
32: number of belly pics I've taken
4: number of kids we want
6: containers of tums I have consumed since conception
24: hours of birthing class we attended (12 weeks, 2 hours each)
1: times I sent Andy on a pregnancy craving run (for "lots of pulp" orange juice)
3: baby showers thrown for Baby Sears
32: number of bibs we received
1: prenatal massages I've enjoyed
6: pounds I weighed at birth
8: pounds Andy weighed at birth
38: number of weeks I've been knocked up
2: number of weeks until due date

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  1. This was really cool to read. Neat things to know.


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