May 26, 2009


This afternoon, Heidi made a house call in order to treat a new mom to a full body massage.

I'll admit, it was DIVINE!!

Orchestrating a sleeping Roscoe with Heidi's arrival required quite the planning on our end, but as she knocked at the door, I was just handing over to Andy a drowsy baby. Lucky for all of us, Roscoe slept for almost two hours, which gave me the uninterrupted time I needed to truly enjoy a little pampering, and also left time for an infant massage lesson at the end.

Baby Roscoe seemed to like his mini massage and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from a professional; Roscoe can definitely look forward to more!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it was a good thing that she missed your Apt last time!! Now you got an in home massage and Roscoe got one too!! Glad you finally got one tho!


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