May 4, 2009


Well, the Pig Flu (as non-PC as that name is) has finally hit Virginia: three confirmed cases as of today. Maryland has 12 "probable" cases awaiting confirmation, and while there has been talk of a case or two in the District, they too have yet to be confirmed.

As a pregnant woman, I am technically categorized as "high risk". A public health colleague of mine sent me the guidelines for treating pregnant women with H1N1, and I would really love to avoid catching the virus. Of course. Coupling the densely populated area with the heavy use of mass transit, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before the DC metro area is teeming with new cases of H1N1. Andy is insisting that I wear a face mask during my commute. I have politely declined.

Sunday, as we checked out at the grocery store, Andy passed me a dollar to play the Lotto. When I went to the case to choose my game I shouted over: "Oh! I pick the Pig Flu one!" I was both giggling and feeling slightly offended at the same time. Way to capitalize on a pandemic, Virginia.

Blame it on not having my glasses, but I swear it said "WIN PIGS FLU". In the end, we won neither pig flu nor any other prize.

1 comment:

  1. HAHHAAHAAAAAA OMG!! I am CRACKING UP!! LOL I thought it said Win PIgs FLu too!! LOL I had to read it a few times and FINALLY it came out as "when pigs fly" LOL HAHHAHAAA!! Yeah it looks like the FLU!! Funny!!


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