May 7, 2009


I attended my first prenatal swim class tonight. It was surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable! I was a little worried that it would be geared toward “non exercisers” and filled with women interested only in doggy paddling around the shallow end. In truth, it was a low-key workout, but a seriously nice change from my usual high intensity, high impact, land routines. It felt great to glide through the water and take the pressure off what I’m now calling my “shrek feet”.

When I originally signed up there was not one other person registered for the class. On May 1st, I was told there were two, including me. So I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and there were 6 other pregnant ladies—we started chatting immediately. Most women are due in August—I am by far the most pregnant, and apparently the boldest as I donned last years bikini. I felt a little weird at first, but it all worked out fine! Four of us are having boys, 2 are having girls, and one is pregnant with twins!

One woman looked familiar and after a short conversation we remembered a particular day, when upon my arrival to the Pentagon slug line, she had cheerfully greeted me with, “Oh! Another pregnant slugger!”. Funny how interconnected the DC/Northern VA area really is.

The class starts at 7:20pm, lasts 45 minutes, and will take place twice a week for the rest of the month. I reek of chlorine and my eyes are burning, but my feet experienced some relief and Baby Sears seemed to enjoy the routine, so I’ll look forward to next Tuesday.

As for tomorrow, it’s back to kickboxing.

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  1. This class sounds really FUN!! Hence the HOT weather it should be a relaxing thing to do every week!! Baby's first swim lessons!! :o)


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