May 23, 2009


Before Roscoe arrived, our plan was to spend Saturday of Memorial Day weekend purchasing our new car. But since R decided to show up on Tuesday, we initiated Plan B.

After our pediatrician appointment on Friday, Jacqueline headed South with the babe and I braved the holiday weekend traffic heading North, final destination: Annapolis Volvo. After many trips to consider cars at several different dealers, Jacqueline's new baby mobile is a sick looking titanium gray Volvo S80, with plenty of safety features to keep the little guy well protected.

After I arrived home Friday evening, we loaded Baby R into his car seat, and Jacqueline and I took him for a spin to Babies R Us for some essentials. The ride was smooth and the baby was relieved to be out of his previous budget travel accommodations.

Roscoe in his car seat:


  1. I love the way Roscoe is putting his foot up in the air. He must miss his mommy's kick boxing class!

  2. WOW!! NICE CAR!! Glad you guys FINALLY got one!! :o)


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