May 13, 2009

Just an observation

As I entered the metro yesterday, all big and pregnant, a man actually offered me his seat. He saw me, noticed that I was pregnant, and said, "Would you like to sit down?".

This is news because over the past 9 months I have made the following observations:

1. Women are more likely than men to offer their seat to a pregnant lady
2. Women are more likely than men to assert that someone else get out of their seat in order to offer it to a pregnant lady
3. Men are more likely than women to occupy themselves intently with their reading material when a pregnant lady's belly is staring them in the face
4. In general, people are more likely to offer up their seat when they are getting off at the next stop.



  1. LOL, I observed the same things when I was pregnant. Gotta love people!!

  2. That is weird!! I guess women understand and men are really just oblivious!! I would have thought it would be the other way around though! WEIRD!!

  3. "Hey, lady. You're the one who chose to get pregnant. It ain't my problem!" LOL! Naw, I'd offer you my seat, Jacqueline--even if I was really engrossed in a great book or crossword or Sudoku. Sometimes I shut my weary eyes and don't see that someone needs a seat, though, in which case I'd be glad if they asked. ;-)

  4. Always the gentleman, Adrian! :) There is another side to all of this--that pregnant women expect everyone to read our minds [cause we want to sit!!!], and instead of asking, we!


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