June 9, 2012

A very merry birthday

After picking up a dirty chai and an iced latte from Black Hand we hit the road to check out some neighborhoods that we've been wanting to look into and a few lots for sale down by the river. We've been brainstorming where to buy or build our next house and we're conflicted about what we want more: city living, or acreage and nature and privacy. We go back and forth daily--it feels complicated, but it may be simple. Today we took a closer look at some areas outside the city that got us really excited.

We ate a cozy lunch at The Black Sheep. I picked the USS Cumberland, which was kind of amazing: marinated grilled tuna steak, shaved fennel, tomato, kalamata olives, hard-boiled eggs and sauce verte on a toasted baguette, and Andy ordered beers and biscuits and gravy.

Then we drove to the foot bridge at Belle Isle, made an outfit change in the car, and walked over the James to check out the sunbathers, hang out on the rocks, and to hike around. It had been ten years since either of us had walked that path, and it made for a relaxing and romantic afternoon.

Afterward, feeling parched, we headed to the Continental Westhampton for a milkshake and a limeade.


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  1. What a gloriously delicious and relaxing day! You really have a way with words when describing food. You should be a food critic or a menu writer! I'm always left feeling hungry and craving the foods you describe whenever I read one of your blog posts!


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