June 2, 2012

water garden at Lewis Ginter

The water garden at Lewis Ginter opened a few weekends ago and I think we were among this year's first visitors.  I can't help but to buy the boys coordinating outfits, swimsuits included.  Rash-guards offer great spf protection, and these little swimmers came from Hanna Andersson. (I just checked and they're on sale right now for only 16 bucks!)

Swim diapers are required in the water garden, and while we gave up cloth shortly after Merritt was born, I still have a huge and awesome stash.  Did you know that a cloth diaper with the insert removed = swim diaper?  It's true.

The water play area is on the cozy side, but there is good visibility and the environment is well situated for independent play--I enjoyed sitting on the sidelines observing the kids in action and doling out snacks.

If you're local, have you been to the water garden yet?


  1. I love coordinating outfits! That was one of the many reasons I wanted a 2nd daughter, lol! What a great summer spot! We have a splash park near our house and we go multiple times a week during the summer since we don't have a pool.
    I'm so glad you are doing the NoPloBlaMo for June! I enjoy reading your posts :)

  2. Thanks, I'm excited about blogging every day too, it takes the pressure off, I feel like I can write about whatever! Coordinating outfits are a small joy in the boys clothing department, which leaves a lot to be desired. Although I have a found a few fun stores like H&M and Polarn O. Pyret that give me something to work with!


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