June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

While Andy slept-in this morning we headed out around 6:30 for a chilly walk and some breakfast. For Poppa we brought back some coffee and a pastry. Then, after descending on the darkened and quiet bedroom, we bomb-dived the bed covers and delivered his wake up call. 

My parents drove down, our babysitter arrived, and we left the kids to nap. Andy's parents met us at Conch Republic and were seated on the deck with the city skyline and the river in front of us. It was a phenomenal view, so very pretty and serene. The spread at brunch was so vast it was delightful, and included some really incredible seafood--the smoked mussels were my favorite.  

My (1st) plate!
Andy and his Dad
My Mom and Dad
Afterward we explored the river on foot for a bit and then headed back to hang with the little guys.

Like I do every year I bought the boys a set of t-shirts. I asked Craig from Adventures in T-shirt Land, a local seller at our farmer's market, to make a mini stencil of his hip RVA design so that the kids could declare affiliation too. He delivered!  (Kiddie sizes are now available at the SOJ farmers market. Go get 'em!)

You can check out what they've worn in past years: 20092011, in 2010 they wore "prosciutto" and "'lil prosciutto" from Wooster St. Meats.

Also like every year, it was a challenge to get a good photo of the three of them in their tees.

Last activity of the day: grocery shopping
Happy Father's Day to all!

*Merritt broke my camera, so we used the iphone today.

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