June 24, 2012

Merritt uses his words, a video clip

At this age communication is like a word game. Check out this little video of Merritt eating his dinner at the end of a long cranky day. I'm just trying to guess my way through and this was the first time I heard him say the word corn.


  1. How sweet! J is not terribly vocal compared to the other kids in our bith class ( I am not worried her fine and gross motor skills out do most of them each kid developes different) but has just really started to pick up words at an amazingly fast rate. Her favorites recently are onion and purple!

  2. So cute! He seems like such a content little guy. I still get so excited every time Adelle uses a new word. Today she was at the kitchen counter and pointing to the oranges and saying "Ball"....It's so fun to watch how she interprets her world. I'm kind of surprised by how thrilling I find it considering she is our second child and we've been through all this before. I kind of thought it would be old news, but it's still so exciting!


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