June 6, 2012


They gravitate to one another, choosing to share space--not without some badgering from Roscoe and shrill protests from Merritt to balance it all out, of course--but they want to be together and their connection only grows.

Roscoe offers a hand to help Merritt down the back stoop. He shushes him when he cries, the way we've always shushed them to calm. He sings rock-a-bye-baby and plays noisy games in the back seat to entertain him.

The air is full of shrieks and laughter.

Merritt pushes the tricycle while Roscoe sits and steers, happy and unaware that he's doing all the work. He imitates his big brother with a confidence that comes only from trusting the one who went before and who makes everything look so easy.

It feels like we finally turned a corner, stumbling unexpectedly on this place that everyone promised to exist when learning how close the boys are in age, when I would share how hard it can be sometimes with a spread so small, and demands so great.

Just wait, they always said, they are going to be best friends.

The sweetness and the joy of watching their deepening relationship has me thinking of more babies.

Another brother would be wild.


  1. Ahhhh is that a sneaky announcement?

  2. My girls just started REALLY playing together too. Only they have the opposite push & pull....it's usually AJ who is always ready and willing to play with big sis (despite that she is usually the one who ends up crying in the end) and LJ is often too busy for her baby sis. But as long as the play in on Lilah's terms, they play great and can keep each other entertained for hours. It really is such a wonderful phenomenon to watch unfold :)
    Another brother would be wild! But hearing how sweet and nurturing your Roscoe is, I'd bet he would be the most amazing big brother to a baby sister. Are you going to share your plans for #3?!

  3. Ahhh, I totally thought this was your way of saying #3 is on the way! SO cute to hear about them playing together, I can't wait until Jake gets a little older and he and Allie are playmates!

  4. I keep thinking another might be good and then J throws a I am almost two strop and I think hmmm maybe we will wait a bit longer.

  5. Such a special time to watch them together and hear them laughing.


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