June 12, 2012

Squishy socks

A soft pair of pretty socks is something that I have been wanting to knit for a few months now. I have a lot of socks, but they are mostly of the athletic variety. Socks are great in the summertime for lounging around the house in the air conditioning. 

I'm gathering materials to knit these pom pom peds and I cannot decide which color combination of yarns to choose.

Purl Soho describes their Anzula's Squishy yarn like this: "with super soft superwash merino for flexibility and comfort, a touch of nylon for durability, and a splash of cashmere for bliss, Squishy is the ultimate fingering weight yarn. Add to its sumptuous feel the beautifully hand dyed palette of sophisticated, quirky colors, and you will fall in love too!"

I'm hooked, but I'm a tactile shopper and it's hard to make these kinds of purchases online without getting my hands on each skein to compare the colors in person. 

Maybe you can help me out? The body of the socks will be one color with a contrasting cuff and pom pom.  With two skeins of yarn I can make four pair of socks.

Here are a few combos that I like:  
Persimmon + Shitake = summer romance
Shitake + Avocado = pickle
Clay + Charcoal = newspaper
Shitake + Apricot = abalone seashell
Avocado + Persimmon = strawberry fields
Apricot + Clay = sweet dreams
Which combination do you like the best?
(It doesn't have to be one that I've listed here.)

UPDATE: I ended up buying one skein each of Clay, Charcoal, and Persimmon. I'm gonna mix it up!


  1. Oh! Pretty yarn. I love the Summer romance and strawberry fields. Also, I think the Persimmon and apricot would look pretty together too.

    1. Oooo, I like the persimmon and apricot idea! Like Heidi, I favor monochromatic looks and those two go together well. Maybe I could buy three skeins and make 6 pairs of socks in a three combinations!

  2. Newspaper and Abalone Seashell. I like the two tone monochromatic or neutral tones on socks. But the colors are really pretty too :-)

    1. I like the idea of color too, but for some reason I'm really drawn to Newspaper! Seems boring, but "sexy" in the data analysis/academic interpretation of being to the point/simple/devoid of frills but absolutely functional. :)

  3. I like them all and I have to say I am a convert to knitted socks, my mum knitted me a pair a couple of years ago and in the winter they are worn as soon as they get washed. Unfortunetly she has giving up knitting so if I want any more I am going to have to learn! I am in love with the Purl Bee website and I think I might have a go at their light weight receiving blankets for two of my friends giving birth this summer.

    1. I wish I could buy more than two skeins, but I'm not sure that I want to invest in a set of twelve or 16 knitted socks just yet...although I can see how it could be a no-brainer once I get the first pair on my feet. The purl bee is too pretty for words. I am obsessed and so far all of the projects that I'm crazy about are from there. I should branch out a little and see what else exists in the knitting world, but so far, PB has me super content. The receiving blankets you mention, are they the flannel ones? Omg. I want one for myself as a lap blanket :)


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