May 12, 2010

Momma lives here, too

Someone is noticeably absent from the thousands of pictures that we've taken since I purchased my DSLR camera back in October of last year.

I am in very, very, few of the photos and I can blame this sad fact on three things:
1. I am usually the one behind the lens
2. My new camera is a tiny bit trickier and more cumbersome to use than my old point & shoot and cannot be as easily passed to another person
3. I sometimes decline photo ops

I was disappointed a few months ago, when I realized that our fun, sweet, and crazy times as a momma and baby pair have not been adequately captured on film. Since then, I've been more intentional about finding my way into photographs. I'm pretty sure that when we all look back, not one of us will care if Momma's makeup was applied, or if her hair was assembled.

I also wish I had more pictures of the three of us. Family shots can be categorized as occasional, if not equally absent.

I recently read this fantastic post on The Creative Mama, about The Importance of YOU in photographs. It reminded me how very relevant, and apparently universal, my experience is. And I love all the practical tips to help insert mommas back into the picture (read the article for the goods!).

Another thing I haven't even tried out yet--the self timer!!

And for fun, because Roscoe is a cutie pie and because Momma doesn't have to look polished in every photo: post-slide pics from last weekend!

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