May 11, 2010


Raw apples have been on Roscoe's no list for a while. Ever since he could bite off chunks and choke himself, I've been cutting them into little squares and cooking them first before sprinkling with cinnamon and serving.

But, this afternoon, after cutting up an apple for myself, Roscoe reached for a piece and started to chew. I held him in my lap and while I ate mine, he ate his. He used his little bunny teeth to carve out little chunks of apple, juice dripping down his arm and into my lap.

Then the sweetest thing happened. With a big-hearted grin, he pushed to my lips what was left of his juicy little apple chunk. I pretended to nom on it, and said thank you. And then he happily resumed snacking. A few minutes later he offered again, and it was clear that he was SHARING with me!

It is overwhelming sometimes, how I am blindsided by the emotion that even the smallest gesture from such a tiny person can generate. Eating our apples together was the best five minutes of the whole day.


  1. sweet! Love Mom and Dad

  2. OOOOOOOOOMGGG!! I just teared up... WTH.. I feel like the crazy AUNTIE that gets all emotional about everything!! LOL I can't wait to see you guys this WEEKEND!


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