May 3, 2010

McFatty Monday Week XVII: D+

I abandoned Weight Watchers last week. Maybe because I was mentally gearing up to hunker down with my new Max Muscle diet, or maybe because I was surrounded by yummy food galore, I didn't track any of my points, which included eating out on Friday night (date night, again!), and over the weekend an "Ice Cream Social" themed birthday party, and a "Welcome Baby" barbecue.

My workouts last week were tough but FUN!, and I did more weight training than cardio, which I will try to avoid repeating in upcoming weeks.

Very importantly, I'm all stocked up and ready to start my first week of my new diet, which looks like this:

There's no magic in this meal plan. It's a high protein, low sugar diet with a total calorie count of 1644, a number that factors in my activity level and the fact that I still nurse a baby.

The food selection is completely reasonable and was chosen with the schedule of a "busy mom" in mind. The software program that supports this diet actually allows me to substitute a whole list of other foods for any item, however, for the first week--because I'm feeling lazy (and unless I start to feel crazy later on) I'm going to eat the same thing every day.

The thought is that if I make my daily food routine slightly boring, eliminate the typical fridge/freezer/pantry-wide selection of things to eat, and simplify the menu, then maybe I will save myself from obsessing over food every day. I'll have more time and energy to focus on other things, and maybe I'll better appreciate food as sustenance and less as a pleasure seeking leisure activity.

This week's Score: D+
Cardio: B
Weight Watchers: F
Strength Training: A
(Can I ever get a good score on all three at once?!)

Countdown to TTC #2: 5 weeks!


  1. First good luck on the upcoming new diet, it seems reasonable for a busy momma, second I see that your going to start TTC in a few weeks, does this mean your going to stop your diet? Are you going to modify it? Kinda curious on what your plan was. Have a good week!

  2. Firstly... Yay for TTC! Good luck with that AND your new diet plans.

  3. @nicolesspirit878: I will adjust my intake once I find out I'm pregnant. I definitely won't be cutting calories, but I will probably still keep track of how much I eat (It's second nature now), and of course make the most nutritious food choices that I can. I did eat a higher protein diet with my first pregnancy (but NOT as high as the Max Muscle diet!). I also plan to maintain a similar exercise routine (less the personal training)--I'll modify my activity as the pregnancy progresses. I'll probably keep up mcfatty monday's once I get pregnant...maybe give it a different name but still report on my eating and fitness for all the momma's out there. :)

  4. I've found that eliminating the standing-in-front-of-the-pantry-freezer-fridge thing has COMPLETELY helped me lose weight. I love having a set plan with no deviations.

    The Momma lost 40 lbs one year eating THE SAME THING every day. She made sure it had enough calories, proteins, vitamins, etc (she's a nurse) & went to town. Boring? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

    Good luck this coming week on the new diet!


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